Though I think you can review books as an author, I believe you should do it under an alias and only if you have something nice to say. Now I have on occasion left a bad review on a book on GR, but they are almost always a self help book that I didn’t find particularly helpful. Other than that, I agree with this post. You’re an author, a public figure and you need to act as such. There are a ton of personal things I won’t post on Facebook because of it. The moral of this article I feel is, think before you do something that could potentially have lasting consequences for your career. Actors can get away with just about anything, but not so much for authors.

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These three professional blunders can hang on like the smell of dead fish and stink up our author career, so avoid them at all cost. I understand that many of you who follow this blog are new, so if you’ve made one of these mistakes, you’re learning. We all oops (especially in the beginning), so don’t sweat it. Yet, I see these three behaviors far more often than I’d like.

You’ve been warned ;).

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I am fully aware that my blog can’t make everyone happy. I work my tail off to entertain and enlighten but I know I can’t be all things to all people. If I’m not your cup of tea? Just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the e-mail WordPress sends you or e-mail me and I will happily assist you leaving (and cry later *sniffles*).

There is no need for…

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