I absolutely loved this article about marketing. My husband is a TV producer and I’ve heard about what screenwriters go through all the time. And I’ve seen him go through it.

I believe in the way this author tells us as authors to market. It’s what I’ve been trying to do for the last year. Being an author isn’t just about selling one book, it’s about creating a brand and a following. It’s about making connections and getting out of your little box to do those things that will connect you with people.

Five Writers

By Jennie Jarvis

People who have never worked within the film industry are often surprised when I tell them about the ins and outs of how a screenplay gets turned into a movie. Well, maybe “surprised” isn’t the right word. “Shocked” or “flabbergasted” might be more appropriate – especially when I’m talking to writers.

In the world of prose and poetry writing, the words the author/poet puts onto the page are what will, eventually and after much editing, wind up being the final product the reader will enjoy. Yes, there are other stops along the way between writer and reader (editor, layout designer, etc), but for the most part, what the prose writer or poet creates is what the reader purchases. This allows for a real possibility of self-expression in these forms of writing. The writer has the opportunity to express her or himself through the story.


That isn’t the…

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